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I'm so thrilled to have you here! Thank you for turning up! I can help you achieve your goals and make your kidlit creations SHINE!

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About Jen

Jen Storer is a commercially successful and critically acclaimed Australian Children’s Author. As Director and Chief Inspirationalist at girlandduck.com, she is also a big-hearted businesswoman who mentors, nurtures and guides creative souls from all over the world. Jen LOVES what she does, believes in working to her strengths and is always looking for new and inspired ways to help others. She lives with her beloved in a divinely pretty Central Victorian town.

Junior Fiction Course

In this short, snappy course we'll jump into Junior Fiction, together. Weeeee!!!

I'll guide you (and push you) to write with energy, clarity and imagination.

I'll help you see where you've been holding back or stumbling or making misguided choices.

Best of all, you'll learn firsthand how easy it is to bust through your doubts and fears, trust your magical muse and get on with CREATING!


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Frequently asked questions

eCourse: 4 Weeks to Write a Junior Fiction Story. With Jen Storer.

Yes, of course! While it's super duper fantastic to go through with the group, you can also buy the course, receive all the modules at the same time as everyone else, but do the course work later when you're ready. Just store the course modules on your computer. Computer says YES!

You have access for 12 months from time of purchase.

I can't imagine how you wouldn't enjoy this course and get heaps out of it! #keeplearning

You betcha!! I'll help you get laser focussed! You might even find you have a hidden talent for Junior Fiction!

This course is brand new. I want as many people as possible to try it out and benefit from it. Next year (2020), the price will double.

Just flick us an email: [email protected] . We LOVE helping our people!

4 Weeks to Write a Junior Fiction Story. With Jen Storer.

Are you ready to be • Inspired • Motivated • Clued up with your questions answered? Ready to take the next big leap? If the answer is YES, click to join me in the course!


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